Color Picker — $1.99

Color Picker is a brand new utility application, designed for all Cocoa developers and application designers. You can create your UIColor or NSColor using a hex value, Red Green Blue (RGB) or by selecting the color with the built-in color picker. It is an efficient color picker, for professionals and beginners too, who mostly care about optimizing their workflow and speeding up their process.

Intro Work from your menu bar Enhanced with global shortcuts Define your style Drag and Drop your workflow

Sleep(Github), Free — Download
Sleep is a tiny open source Mac OS X application to put your computer to sleep directly from Spotlight on Yosemite. Just type "Sleep" on your spotlight window and hit the return key.

Sleep OS X

Greek radio — Free
Greek Radio connects you to radio stations, not only in your area, but also around Greece. You can choose from a wide range of stations that play music in your favorite genre. You can also listen to talk shows, politics and sports. The application offers over 200 stations that you are able to listen to, simply by using your iPhone's, iPod's or iPad's WiFi or 3g network. Greek Radio is a great choice for anyone who likes to listen to live radio.
Greek Radio iPhone

Patrick Chamelo
Patrick is a software engineer at Facebook. Previously, he worked on Wunderlist, Hitachi On Business, Laithwaites Wine Cellar, The Jet Business, My Beat. Here you can find his github, twitter and email.

Vasileia Chatziioannou
Vasileia is a quality assurance engineer at Apple. Previously, she worked at Kayak and AVL. For any queries please send her an email.